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Welcome to NCS Academy, an ultimate one-stop makeup academy which combining excellence in makeup, hair styling and image designing.

Founded by Suki Koh, the Creative Director of NCS Academy , has specially designed a series of courses based on her extensive 18years of experience. Suki, in person will coach you the most fundamental theory and stylist inspiration with skill required in the makeup artistry. You will be trained to the finest in the world of makeup and for those who are eager to embark a challenging career in the makeup arena you are    assured to make your first move with confidence.


NCS aims is not only for the students to possess the professional knowledge and skill but also to inspire   their talent and potential with more exposure. Thus, aside from the technical know-how, you will find that elements of art and trend of fashion are injected in for more ion-depth understanding.


NCS series of courses are dedicated to coach you from the basic to advance level of makeup techniques. Fundamental of learning inclusive of theory, demonstration and applications. Courses available are Bridal Makeup, Professional Makeup,  Special Effects and Personal Makeup, Personal Hair Do and Professional Hairstyle Design Course, Personal Nail Art and Professional Nail Art Full Course, Professional Beauty and Personal Skin Care Course, Body Massage, Body Art and Body Tattoo Course

NCS distinguished competitive edge is not only ensuring that you are well trained professional but also preparing you for immediate career opportunities by arranging practical and freelance assignments.

NCS takes great interest in our student’s success. Come on board with a makeup academy that truly cares.




NCS Academy是一间集化妆、发型、形象设计为一体,体现整体造型的专业化妆学院。由著名化妆 师Suki Koh小姐依其近18年的丰富经验与实践为 基础,亲自编审,浓缩教材,并教导传授一系列最专业及实用的化妆技巧,让学生更容易的掌握化妆秘诀,并让有志於踏足五彩缤纷化妆领域的您跟充满自信地迈出 成功的第一步。


NCS 的创办宗旨是务求学员们能掌握专业的化妆技巧,更开阔视野,让他们可以发挥其潜能,培养出  独一无二的风格和创意。所以课程中容入大量美学,潮流演进的元素,而绝非流于表面的一般知识。


NCS 化妆学院的课程设计,可说是为学生量身订造,从基础到深层化妆知识与技巧皆全数教授,学习 重点主要有理论课、示范与实践,课程计有:新娘化妆发型课程、专业化妆发型课程 ,特技化妆课程个人化妆课程 , 个人发型设计课程、发型设计课程 , 个人指甲彩绘课程、专业指甲全科课程 , 个人脸 部护理课程、专业美容课程 , 身体按摩课程 , 新娘身体彩绘课程、专业身体彩绘课程 , 纹身课程等等.


有别于其他的化妆学院,NCS 在课程之余也安排很多的场务实习及尽量安排工作机会给学员,赚取酬 劳之余亦能获得宝贵的实际经验。使你更直接的与时尚界接轨,更快速地实现成为专业化妆师的梦想。


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